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Avarca Pons classic handmade Menorcan flat leather sandals
summer sandals
Designed in the UK, handmade in Menorca


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Classic Avarcas

Avarca Sandals Espadrilles and Wedges
Classic Avarcas

Avarcas are authentic Menorcan Avarca leather sandals. They are comfortable, long-lasting and economical. They are made from authentic natural leather. The Avarca Pons collection ranges from rustic to fashionable styles, with micropore anatomical soles, which fit perfectly offering exceptional comfort.


All models preserve the original essence of the Avarcas of Menorca: a shoe dating back over one hundred years, comfortable yet resisilient, which comes from the rural world, and has now been re-invented to become an essential summer product. 

Ethically Sourced

Avarca Sandals Espadrilles and Wedges are the traditional footwear from the island of Menorca in Spain, that's comfortable, resistant, long-lasting and economical. Made from authentic natural leather, the Avarca Pons leather collection is ethically sourced. We offer Avarca sandals espadrilles and wedges.

All of our leather suppliers only work with cows raised in Spain that haven't been sacrificed due to their leather but due to meat consumption. All of our leather follows EU Directives 2002/61/CE, 94/27/CE, 2002/231/CE, 2002/251/CE and 2002/45/CE.


Avarca Pons

Avarca Pons is a family-run company located in Ciutadella Menorca, specialising in making the island’s traditional footwear.


The Avarca is traditional comfortable, long-lasting and economical footwear. With soles originally made from car tyres, modern versions are now made from authentic natural leather or vegan-friendly synthetics.


The Avarca Pons collection of beautiful handcrafted shoes  ranges from rustic to fashionable styles, with micropore anatomical soles, offering comfort and a perfect fit.

Avarcas UK!

It was while on holiday to Menorca, exploring the Ciutadella, that I fell in love with the island and these shoes.


​I adored the shoes in the Avarca Pons shop - the colours were so vibrant! Sadly, I found on my return that I couldn't buy them here in the UK. The answer seemed simple: I would  share the love and bring these shoes to UK shoppers.

I truly hope you enjoy our shoe selection, and maybe... just maybe... you will love Avarcas as much as I did the first time I saw them.

With love,
Erica x

making Avarca Sandals, Espadrilles and Wedges in the Avarca Pons workshop
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Avarca Sandals, Espadrilles and Wedges are posted in Avarcas compostable packaging
Biodegradable packaging
No single-use plastic

Our avarcas are shipped from Spain in boxes made from 70-75% recycled material.


For UK shipping, we use bags from PolyBags UK which are biodegradable and compostable, made from naturally-sourced polymers with a renewable content share of 30% or more.


Your Avarcas come in bags that can be disposed of at home or industrial composting units. The bags we use are also in compliance with European compostable standard EN13432.

Avarcas made from recycled plastics

Look for our eco-friendly models with 100% Recycled Plastic Platform.


SEAQUAL is one of the most certified, earth friendly fibres in the world. It’s high quality recycled polyester yarn made from recycled materials.


Each pait of Avarcas made this way contributes to preserving natural resources and reducing the waste in the planet’s water.