Avarca Pons UK: Online Shoe Store

In 2020, in the midst of first and second COVID-19 wave, my husband, a friend and I decided to go to Menorca on a short beach holiday (ok... it was 2 weeks). Considering the small amount of cases in the island and my husband's Caribbean inner call to go to sandy beaches it made perfect sense, it was fairly safe destination only a few hours away from home. Almost immediately, we fell absolutely in love with the island, from its hot temperatures despite being September, warm people, paradise beaches to its excellent food.

When you explore Ciutadella de Menorca you become familiar with the avarca sandal almost immediately, simply because they are available almost everywhere. I liked the models available and how many colours were available to choose. I had also been looking for a nice sandal to buy in the UK for approximately 2-3 years by then but with no luck. I am one of those people that cannot buy something just because I need it. I literally need to absolutely like it and at some levels adore it.

When I passed by Avarca Pons Shop, I just fell in love with the shoes there, the colours were so vibrant! I decided there this is where I am going to buy the sandals I have longed for. After paying, I had a small chat with the cashier and ask if it's possible to order online with delivery to the UK. To my heartbreak, the answer was no due to the delivery costs.

That same night, an idea came to me "What if I were to buy the shoes and sell them in the UK?" Potentially many ladies would also find the shoe exquisite and perfect for spring and summer time. After doing a quick poll with close friends on what they thought of the shoes, everyone agreed that Avarcas looked amazing! Next step: send an email to Avarca Pons asking if they would be interested in a partnership with me (in my head I thought they will probably disregard this as a scam and not even reply to me). To my surprise, my email had a positive response and my leisure trip was then used to discuss possible distribution rights in the UK.

After coming back to the UK and consulting this idea with my pillow for a few nights, I decided to give it a go!!! The following 6 months have been spent on creating a limited company, signing contract, creating the our first season catalogue, website, social media presence and obviously ordering some inventory! All of this whilst doing a full time job which I absolutely adore. Now... the time has come to sell some Avarca Pons in the UK.

I truly hope you enjoy our shoe selection, and maybe... just maybe... you will love avarcas as much as I did the first time I saw them.

With love,


Me meeting Mr. Daniel Pons at Avarca Shop in Ciutadella de Menorca in September 2020.

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